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Financial: Our families receive full service financial coaching from their personal financial team that includes: 

Money Mindset Training

Money Management Training 

Debt Elimination Strategies

Establishing their FIN (Financial Independence Number)

Credit Repair Plan

Tax Consultations 

Preparing for homeownership and beyond

Establishing IRA Accounts 

Term Life Insurance

Establishing the Family Giving Plan 

Legacy Planning/Will Preparation 


Each family has their own success team: personal banker, tax preparer, financial advisor, money coach, life coach insurance agent, mortgage banker, health coach, career development coach, and business coach.



Career Development: Our families receive full-service career and professional development coaching from their personal team that includes:

Life coaching

Determining industries in (STEM) and growing industries with higher salaries 

Skill Assessment

Resume Services 

Interview Coaching 

Image and Personal Branding Coaching 

Educational Plan

Each member of the family is provided with their career development plan as well as assistance with job placement. 



Children: Our children receive mentorship in the following areas from their personal success coach:


Skill Assessment


Educational goals 

College Planning 

Life Skills 

Resume Services 

Interview Coaching 

Image and Personal Branding Coaching 

Giving Back


Career Development Plan





Family Business: Our families are provided with a personal business coach who assists them with:

Creating a comprehensive business plan with 5 year projections

Establishing sources of business funding

Business Credit Education

Launching their family business 



Business Succession Planning 



Physical: Our families are provided with healthy living plans from their Live Well Team which consist of:

Personal Trainers


Clean Eating Consultant 


Mental Health: Our families are provided with resources that address their mental health needs. 


Family Values:  Our families receive coaching from their wealth strategist which includes:

Establishing your family core values

Creating your family mission and vision statements

Establishing your family success playbook

Creating your family strength tree

Establishing weekly family meetings

Establishing your family brand




Paradigm Communities: Our Paradigm Communities provide:

Affordable Housing and all of the wrap around services mentioned above. Some communities will also have quality affordable childcare services and community enrichment centers. Community centers are also available to rent out for special events such as birthday parties, family reunions, baby showers, business meetings, business launch parties, and community celebrations. Families will be required to meet weekly and or bi-weekly with their Legacy Coach. 



Grants & Scholarships: 

Yearly grants ranging from $1,000-10,000 are given to selected families to help with the startup costs for their family businesses. 


Educational scholarships are provided to selected children to attend STEM camps and leadership camps. College scholarships are also available to students who attend trade school, major in STEM, or high demand industries.

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